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Steeledge Electric Operated Stacker ideal, single and effective solution for storage (Stacking) and retrieval of pallets at vertical storage spaces in warehouses and are used in the widest range of applications imaginable. Steeledge electric stackers are designed for flexible and retrieval handling of specialized load, increased performance at a great height, comfortable maneuverability in narrow aisles, high residual capacities, and long usage times. The versatile Steeledge range of Stackers is designed to meet the need with the precise, reliable and safe operation - walking or riding.
Steeledge offers many options of electric stackers in terms of capacities ranging from 1000 kg to 2000 kg and lifts height up to 6.3 meters.
Steeledge has both 'Pedestrian' as well as 'Stand-on' versions which can be easily manoeuvered in an aisle width of as little as 2.5 meters. The 'Straddle' type stacker version with widened straddle arms enable the forks to be lowered up to floor level and can be used to pick closed pallets from the ground of lift the pallets crossways from balanced trucks.