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Steeledge's range of stackers is designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety and optimize return. Our Comprehensive portfolio has something for every application, accounting for different space limit, load sizes, floor conditions, operation time and other needs. Steeledge's command over innovation, engineering, and design is fortified by its commitment to quality and dedicated services. In line with its legacy of innovation, Steeledge's stackers excel through advanced electronic control, ergonomics, and maneuverability. Ensuring enhanced workflow and boosted productivity, Steeledge's stackers are a valve addition now as well as in the long run.
Best and Economic choice for manual transport and lifting with its different mast options (1600mm, 2500mm, 3000mm) and diverse lifting capacity (1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg) enable to deal with a large number of applications in the warehouse or any other facilities. For Example, with the lift capacity of the 1000kg and lifting height of 1600mm, therefore the truck is ideal and Economic choice suitable for first level stacking.


The quality and reliability of these stackers are very high because...
  • Double sealed high-pressure polyurethane packing
  • To ensure a long life of the hydraulic system.
  • To prevent leakages.
  • The ergonomically designed steering handle.
  • For easy operation from all angles.
  • To reduce pulling power and minimize operator fatigue.


ITEM / TYPE   HS 1016 HS1516 HS 1025
Capacity Kgs 1000 1500 1000
Min. Fork Height  mm 85 85 85
Max Fork Height mm 1600 1600 2500
Min. Mast Height mm 1980 1980 1830
Size of Fork mm 150 /160 x 60 150 /160 x 60 150 /160 x 60
Length of Fork mm 900/1150 900/1150 900/1150
Width of Overall Fork mm 330-740/550 330-740/550 330-740/550
Radius of gyration mm 1250/1380 1250/1380 1250/1380
Weight mm 220 260 300
fork rollers Kgs 74 x 70 74 x 70 74 x 70
Big Wheel mm 180 x 50 180 x 50 180 x 50