Safety First, Safety Last and Safety Always: Danger exists when heavy loads are transported, particularly when the equipment is not being used properly or is poorly maintained. Because accidents and serious injury could result, special safety precautions apply to the operation, maintenance and inspection of LOADMATE hoists and trolleys. Kindly read the below mentioned general care and safety tips to follow before and while operation of LOADMATE Electric Chain Hoist or Electric Trolleys.

Before use:

  • Always read the owner`s manual and safety instructions
  • Always check that the hook latches work properly and replace missing or broken hook latches.
  • Never lift more than capacity shown on the hoist name plate
  • Never operate a hoist if damaged or malfunctioning
  • Never use a twisted , kniked, damaged or stretched load chain
  • Never use a hoist if the hook latch is missing or broken
  • Never use a hoist without a hoist name plate
  • Never use a modified or deformed hook
  • Never use a hoist in an explosive atmosphere

While in Operation:

  • Always make sure that the load is properly seated in the hook
  • Never use a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting people
  • Never lift or transport loads over or near people
  • Never support a load on the tip of the hook
  • Never use the hoist chain as a sling
  • Never swing a suspended load

 Warning: IMPROPER chain hoist use could result in death or serious injury